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Earlier this week, in part 1 and then in part 2 of this blog thread, we discussed some more of the key qualities you’ll need to develop if you want to be successful at wealth building. They included:

  1. Be Able to Visualise Your Goal Clearly: When envisioning your goal try to pitch it to yourself using five words or fewer. If you think of things in this way you will gradually find yourself zeroing in on your aim in its purest form.
  1. Exhibit Good Self-Control: successful wealth builders make a habit of living on only 20% of their income while committing 80% to savings and investments.
  1. Belief in Hard Work, not Luck: You need to believe in yourself, but not in the parts that believe that you are dogged by bad luck and failures. Be the best, most positive person that you can be!
  1. Eager To Learn: In short, the successful read to learn from peers and others that they look up to. They also read to keep themselves well-informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in their industry.

Today we’re going to take a look at some more key qualities for wealth building.

5. Emotional Intelligence

94% of successful wealthy people put their words through an emotional filter before uttering anything. (Yes, the other 6% are probably already too wealthy to care anymore.) Those who filter their emotions before saying or doing anything rash understand that the wrong emotion at the wrong time can lead to problems in their professional and personal lives. We don’t want you to censor yourself but you might want to think about how differently you would react away from the heat of the moment. We’re sure you can think of a situation in your past where you would have reacted differently had you given yourself the time and space to think things through and plan a suitable response.

The other side of the coin is where you let emotions stifle your reactions. Do you allow your anxiety dictate how you respond (or don’t respond) to events? Instead of immediately taking advantage of an opportunity do you worry about whether you are good enough and let it pass you by? Learn to control your emotions and don’t be afraid of success.

6. Keen to Get Your Hands Dirty

No, this doesn’t mean taking out the trash. We’re saying you should not be afraid to get involved with networking events and volunteering opportunities that could yield good results for your professional life.

Roughly 66% of wealthy people commit themselves to attending networking functions of one sort or another in addition to volunteering at least 5 hours each month. Out of those who struggle with their wealth building only 10% of them give it this kind of commitment. It’s often observed that business is all about relationships. People do business with other people. It’s up to you to show everyone the side of your personality that you want them to see. Networking events are a great way to do this.

Committing to volunteering opportunities with relevant non-profit organizations will allow you to meet with senior decision-makers of companies related to your field. Can’t hurt to get to know a few of them, right?

While eyeing up your next professional move you should always give 100% in your current position. Go the extra mile and you will be recognized for your endeavours. Approach your job with that my contract doesn’t say I have to do that attitude and you won’t be standing apart from the crowd. Successful wealth builders know they need to make themselves indispensable to their employers and clients and are always looking for ways to prove their worth outside of their regular work.

7. Able to Commit

It can be difficult to stick with it when you feel like all your best efforts are for nought. When you feel that you are not getting anywhere fast it can get you down and we are not unsympathetic. However, you need to pick up that positive attitude and not let it go. Sometimes when you are least expecting it an opportunity will come your way that will make all your previous endeavour worthwhile.

One of the key differences between successful and unsuccessful wealth building is that the successful wealth builders are those who continued to believe in themselves and their abilities even at  their lowest ebbs. If you commit to your goal and believe in yourself you will find a way to achieve what you want.

What do you think about these tips? Do you take part in any networking events?

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Feel free to leave us your thoughts in a comment and share this post via social media if you know someone who is on their way to wealth building.

Don’t forget to check in with us next week for our next blog post.

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