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We Are SpreadLove™

We are all things women and we’re setting out to love ourselves and to dominate.

Who We Are: SpreadLove was created with the ideology and mission to nurture and cultivate healthy personal and intimate relationships, while also highlighting the women’s culture, using the global idea that loving yourself is universal. SpreadLove™ has created a wave all women want to ride!

Our platform helps women from all walks of life find their inner passion to feel driven, motivated and empowered to live out the life they want! We’ll share the best beauty and wellness tips, relationship advice, financial dos and don’ts and lifestyle trends.

Our Mission

SpreadLove™ promotes and sponsors products, services and events designed to foster self-love, wealth-building, financial literacy, healthy relationships and positive self-image.

What the everyday woman can expect from SpreadLove™

  • Self-Love – Learn how take care of your mind, body and soul through real world tips.
  • Wealth-Building – Grow your business and wealth while finding your inner passion.
  • Healthy Relationships – Learn how to have satisfying personal and professional relationships.
  • Uniting –  Connect with like-minded women through social and charitable events and causes.

Women face a multitude of obstacles and struggles daily, from challenges at work and home to body image and relationship issues. SpreadLove™ has created a sounding board for women to discuss, share their solutions and learn from one another’s experiences. Women deserve a home base for all things WOMEN! A place to share narratives so common, yet so under discussed! Join the discussion on Women in Business and Lifestyle.

About the Founder, Esther JeanBart

A native New Yorker who resides in Tampa, Florida, Esther JeanBart has been a restaurateur and an entrepreneur in sales, marketing, and real estate for 15 years. She is a successful businesswoman with a vibrant spirit who launched SpreadLove™ in 2017 to increase meaningful communication between women worldwide. Esther connects with diverse women across the country and world who make unheralded contributions to their families, businesses, and communities while growing SpreadLove as a platform for all things women.