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It happens to us all from time to time and the reasons are a lot more complex than you may have realized. Pretending that everything is fine will not do you or your lover any favors. It certainly won’t contribute to building healthy relationships. The causes of your low libido can be physical as well as psychological, so you need to be totally honest with yourself and your lover if something is amiss.

Taking appropriate steps to figure this thing out doesn’t need to be a chore. In our posts this week we’re going to look at what can cause a low female libido. Maybe you’ll spot something that applies to yourself, or to a girlfriend. They might initially sound like simple causes but sometimes, without a little nudge, we tend to let things fester without a prompt resolution.

What Exactly is the Libido?

First of all: what exactly are we talking about when we say libido? We all think we know what we’re talking about when we say “libido” – sex drive, right? But surely that is a simplified term for a lot of complex stuff. The human body is magnificent so let’s take a little time to get to know it better.

Freud’s view of the libido had it down as the energy, regarded as a quantitative magnitude… of those instincts which have to do with all that may be comprised under the word ‘love’. In short it is the driving instinct to participate in all that we associate with love – whatever that may entail – usually culminating in the physical expression of love or desire. So when we’re talking about libido it is not only the chemical reaction of hormones or physical sexual act. Emotions, past experiences, sexual histories all come to bear upon a woman’s appetite for sex.

There are many libido enhancement products that can have an instant impact if you feel you need some extra stimulation. For men these have existed for quite some time since their sexual impulses have been easier for the medical community to understand. Enhancements for the female libido have been seen as more complex and therefore difficult to reconcile.

The male libido is easier to understand since men are primarily excited by external physical stimulation. As mentioned above,the female libido is dependent upon additional factors that can impact a woman’s sexual desire. However, stimulants for women now exist and are available to help women achieve at least what is necessary for them to be more receptive to physical stimulation. A simple pill is all it takes to increase the flow of blood to the vaginal area of the female body. With this extra – but natural – blood flow comes heightened sensitivity in the area. This can make one anticipate physical stimulation more readily, and make it more effective.

Our Iaso products are a great example of the latest drug free, natural herbal female enhancements available to put some pep back into your lovelife.

Don’t forget to check in on Friday this week for some more on the different causes of a low libido.

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