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Earlier this week, in part 1 of this blog thread, we discussed some of the key qualities you will need to develop if you’re to be successful at wealth building. They included:

  1. Be Able to Visualise Your Goal Clearly: When envisioning your goal try to pitch it to yourself using five words or fewer. If you think of things in this way you will gradually find yourself zeroing in on your aim in its purest form.
  1. Exhibit Good Self-Control: successful wealth builders make a habit of living on only 20% of their income while committing 80% to savings and investments.

Today we’re going to take a look at some more key qualities.

3. Belief in Hard Work, not Luck

We all like to believe in “good luck”. It’s something we say to one another out of habit. “Good luck with your job interview today!” The reality is that it is not luck that you need in order to succeed. It is hard work and having the right knowledge that will allow you to get ahead and achieve your goals. Do you think those who are successful and wealthy rely on good luck to make their fortune? Or, do you think they get what they want by acquiring the information and working hard to put themselves in the best possible position to achieve their goals?

The same goes for “bad luck”. Those who are successful, but don’t always seal the deals that they really want, don’t grumble about bad luck. Instead they go over the work leading up to their disappointment in order to identify where things might have gone wrong. Once they have analyzed their progress they do their best not to repeat those mistakes again. In short, the wealthy don’t put disappointments in life down to bad luck. They erase the term from their lives and focus on what they can do to achieve positive results.

It’s easier said than done, but it is absolutely essential that you banish any negativity from your mind if you want to be successful at wealth building. If you feel like you have had a lot of disappointments in your life, guess what? You’re not alone. We have all had disappointments but you need to learn to rise above it all, tell yourself that “tomorrow is a new day” and work on making tomorrow as bright and full of positivity as it can be.

You need to believe in yourself, but not in the parts that believe that you are dogged by bad luck and failures. Did you know that 80 percent of wealthy people say that their success is partly due to their positive can-do attitude?

Be the best, most positive person that you can be! Do it for yourself but also, perhaps more importantly, do it for those around you.

4. Eager To Learn

All humans have an amazing capacity for learning. Why bury it beneath an avalanche of media that we just don’t need in our lives? Ever feel like you’re watching too much TV? Feel like you’re spending far too long reading inane comments on social media?

Do you think the wealthy sit around watching re-runs of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

No. In fact:

  • 66% spend less than an hour each day watching TV
  • 63% spend less than an hour on the internet outside of work-related activities.

When it comes to reading the successful and wealthy spend at least 30 minutes of each day on it. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 63% enjoy an audiobook while they travel
  • 79% take in educational material related to their careers
  • 55% engage in reading that will aid their personal lives
  • 58% read stories about other successful people
  • 94% read to keep abreast of current events
  • 51% soak themselves in history
  • Just a measly 11 percent read to be entertained

In short, the successful read to learn from peers and others that they look up to. They also read to keep themselves well-informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in their field industry. By doing this they make sure they are in the best possible position to take advantage of any opportunities that become available.

As for those who are struggling with wealth building:

  • 77% spend an hour or more watching TV each day
  • 74% spend an hour or more using the internet for recreation
  • Only 2% read for self-improvement

If you don’t have the knowledge to be the prime candidate when a great opportunity comes along you won’t be able to take the next step up the professional ladder.

Make some changes now and you will soon find yourself with a more positive outlook and looking forward to the next challenge in your career.

What do you think about these tips? What do you do to keep a positive outlook?

Feel free to leave us your thoughts in a comment and share this post via social media if you know someone who is on their way to wealth building.

Don’t forget to check in with us later this week for part 3 of this post.

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