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We’re thrilled to have Wana Miri as one of our Featured Speakers on our 2017 Wealth Building Conference At Sea. See below for her in-depth post about SpreadLove™ which you can also read at

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Helping women achieve financial freedom is a mission common to Women On Topp and SpreadLove™️.

“A change in mindset is a prerequisite to a change in circumstances,” said Esther Jeanbart, Founder and CEO of SpreadLove™ . (Let’s praise the female entrepreneurs!)  As simply stated in its slogan, this new lifestyle brand is a home base for “All Things Women.”  SpreadLove™ is a platform for women to unite, share and discuss topics such as wealth-building and entrepreneurship, parenting, healthy living, self-love, and relationships. Be sure to visit to view and share pieces of advice, events, products, services and more.

Women On Topp is thrilled to be joining SpreadLove™ on its upcoming Inaugural  2017 Wealth Building Conference At Sea sailing from Orlando, Florida to Nassau Bahamas from October 26, 2017 to October 29, 2017. Read more about the 2017 Wealth Building Conference At Sea. Women On Topp will be spreading love as a featured speaker and workshop presenter at this conference. The Women On Topp workshop will discuss: How to attract your target market. Import tricks to branding your business. Networking, and Social Media engagement strategies.  Register here if you want to be there too! Don’t miss out! Remember, when you spread love to others, you can inspire others to start spreading love as well! Join the SpreadLove™ movement!

‘’ We Are SpreadLove™ Setting out to love yourself also to dominate and create a lifestyle brand that all women from all walks of life can appreciate.’’

The ideology and mission of SpreadLove™ is to cherish and cultivate healthy relationships, while also highlighting the woman’s culture, using the global idea that love is universal. When you do good things for other people, you increase everyone’s health, wealth, love, and happiness. Here’s the thing: The moment you do something good for someone you spread love. Therefore SpreadLove™ is a platform to make it approachable for women to share their products, ideas, and content on a daily basis. All to make it easier for us women, all to help us improving ourselves in every possible aspect. Like Esther says ‘’A home base for ‘All Things Women’’.

‘’Women deserve a home base for all things WOMAN! A place to share narratives so common, yet so under discussed!’’

Check out SpreadLove™ blog and Social Media on what the everyday woman wants to read, know, and learn. All to help you with beauty tips, sexual and relationship advice to make you attract positive people. To build better relationships at work or in other activities. To help you to be more loving in your outlook of life and feel passionate about what you are doing, become more self-compassionate, and take the time to care about your thoughts and whether or not they are harming your happiness or protecting it.

Women On Topp joins the SpreadLove™ movement, simply because we both believe that it all begins with self and that mastering the art of self-love is essential for the wellness of mind, body and soul. Come join us at SpreadLove™  2017 Wealth Building Conference At Sea sailing from Orlando, Florida to Nassau Bahamas from October 26, 2017 to October 29, 2017. Let’s inspire each other, let’s learn new things!  Each person that becomes inspired by you contributes to the world in their own positive way, and the more contributions we have of love, the more loving and peaceful our world can become. ♥

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