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stress Stress STRESS!

This is clearly one of the most common causes cited for a low female libido. Stress is like air pollution. It’s everywhere all of the time and you usually need to head out to the country to get away from it.

Apart from causing your low libido stress can cause many other issues that will in turn agitate you even further. A prime example of this is Humphrey Bogart’s supposed stress about losing his hair – which led his hair to fall out even faster! For ladies stress can manifest itself in many physical ways. It can have a damaging effect on your skin, your nails and your ability to sleep. Other than that it can also affect your hormones leading to a low libido.

There are lots of factors in our day to day lives that can be causing your stress. Issues at work, issues surrounding children, financial difficulties. These, and more, contribute to stress which can result in a loss of sexual desire.

Stress is just one of the most common factors that can result in a low libido. How do you cope with stress? Leave us your comments.

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