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Spreadlove™ is looking forward to a brilliant 2018 and we’re excited to have you with us. We have a load of brilliant ideas for the year and are looking forward to rolling them out over the coming 12 months.

Around the world – and further away(!) – there are other events that we’re looking forward to.

Check out 18 reasons why 2018 will rock!


1. Winter Olympics

The Olympics were great – they always are – but the Winter Olympics are taking place in Pyeongchang in South Korea this year and it promises action, Action, ACTION!

If you usually pay attention to the Olympics but not normally its winter counterpart you will have the following scintillating sports to stare at in awe:

Alpine Skiing
Cross Country Skiing
Figure Skating
Ice Hockey
Short Track Speed Skating
Ski Jumping
Speed Skating

… and many more. Check out the official video below.

2. The World Cup

Soccer. Not everyone’s idea of a sport that leaves you using only the edge of your seat but once you get onboard the fan fervour and atmosphere suck you right in. The event this year is taking place in stadiums across Russia.

The 2014 world cup tournament took place in Brazil and pulled in 3.2 billion viewers making Soccer the most watched sport in the world. See the video below to find out why!


3. Black Panther

There’s a lot of excitement about Black Panther. Why? Well let us explain.

Last year we had posts about Wonder Woman and comments by a Marvel executive about how they don’t feel diversity translates into sales. Black Panther is about to blow the diversity issue wide open with a black superhero taking a commanding presence at the centre of the stage of a mega-budget movie.

4. Frozen, the musical

Who doesn’t love Frozen? Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all the rest? Fans won’t get to set eyes on a sequel to Disney’s biggest ever film until November 2019. But you can satisfy your Frozen cravings with the new live show.

5. Final season of Veep

Veep. So clever. So hilariously funny with cutting one-liners and brilliant put-downs galore. It gave us America’s first female president, if not the kind of president we all would have liked in real life. This excellently observed sitcom is unfortunately coming to an end after several years, many awards and many memorable episodes.

6. Roseanne Returns

2017 brought us the return of radical 90s sitcom Will & Grace which featured the homosexual Will as one of the central characters. ABC has promised that 2018 will bring us the return of Roseanne whose acerbic wit is sure to bring further tears of laughter and emotion as she and her dysfunctional family navigate today’s America.

7. Nicki Minaj

Pop and hip hop lovers are looking forward to big releases in 2018. Amongst them is Nicki Minaj’s new album. Details about the new release are still scarce but there is a lot of excitement about the album.

In June last year she said: “I know it’s going to be my best body of work … That’s next on my bucket list — to deliver my fourth album and make sure that it’s a classic hip-hop album that people will never forget.”

Relive your favorite Minaj tracks here:

8. Jack White

For rockers 2018 will also be an exciting time with a new album (gorgeous artwork above) expected from Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. Jack is a lot more forthcoming with details for his 3rd solo album which will be called “Boarding House Reach” and will be released on March 23rd.

A press release has given a little more insight into the process behind the album and how White “exclusively used the same kind of gear he had when he was 15 years old (a quarter-inch four-track tape recorder, a simple mixer, and the most basic of instrumentation)”


9. Trips to visit Titanic

At a loss for a cool new vacation destination this year? Sick of snorkelling? Done with diving? How about diving with a difference? Specifically you’ll be diving down to visit Titanic as part of a diving tour to explore the infamous wreckage. That’s right, tour groups are starting in 2018 which means that exploring Titanic isn’t just for the likes of James Cameron anymore.

At $60,000 that’s quite a commitment. Will it be worth it? What do you think?

10. Moon Express launches expeditions

Let me guess. Titanic isn’t cool enough? Maybe you’re more of a sci-fi fan? Is there anywhere cooler than space? While space exploration isn’t for the masses just yet we can get excited by the news that in 2018 not one but TWO expeditions are due to launch from Silicon Valley startup Moon Express.


11. January 31: Super Blue Moon Eclipse & 12. Planet Parade

If you love staring at the stars you’ll be pleased to learn you won’t have to wait long for the first noteworthy happenings in the sky. One is due in January while the other sweeping widescreen drama takes place over February and March.

In January our very own planet Earth will be casting its shadow upon the full moon as it moves in front of the sun. The moon on that night will also be a full moon which will appear bigger and brighter than usual. It will be the 2nd full moon in January making it known as a “blue moon”.

Total coverage of the moon is from 7:51am ET and will be visible from the western Pacific Ocean, Alaska, North America, Hawaii, Western Canada, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Japan.

In February and March there will be what is known as a Planet Parade. No, this isn’t some kind of space themed parade of floats. Instead those under the southeastern sky will witness the planetary alignment made up of Saturn, Mars, the Moon and Jupiter hang over the sky


13. Putin seeks a 4th term as Russian President

Putin has been in office – in one way or another – since the turn of the millennium. He will be seeking a 4th term as Russian President in March. He is 65 but still keen to remain his grip on power which, if he wins in March, will extend into a 3rd decade.

14. Midterm Elections

Yes, the midterms are in November but it’s not too early to begin campaigning for your candidate. The midterm elections represent the first opportunity to present the sitting US president with any genuine challenge.

A CNN poll in December showed that Democrats were then enjoying an 18-point lead – the biggest gap in two decades – on their Republican rivals. Will they be able to keep it up? Might it even get bigger? Don’t just sit back, get involved!


15. Hypothermia Cap For Chemo Patients

Hair loss is difficult for anyone but for women undergoing chemotherapy it is even more troubling. Scalp cooling is a great innovation that may bring some relief to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and works by reducing the amount of chemotherapy drugs reaching the hair follicles.

The treatment has been around for a while but is set to become more widely used in 2018. Check out this short video that explains all about it.


16. 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act

2014 saw the 50 year anniversary of the Civil Rights Act but that was only one part of the law. However 2018 will see the 50th anniversary of the “Civil Rights Act of 1968”, also known as The Fair Housing Act, which stipulated equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

The act was signed during the Martin Luther King assassination riots by Lyndon B. Johnson who also signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

17. 100th anniversary of end of First World War

100 years ago the First World War came to an end after more than four years. The unprecedented firepower and numbers of fatalities meant it was labelled: the war to end all wars. Sadly that clearly hasn’t been the case. This year we’ll be remembering fallen ancestors who fought for peace.


18. Spreadlove’s Wealth Building Conference At Sea

We’re super-excited to be inviting you to be part of our Wealth Building Conference At Sea taking place in October. We’ll be sailing from Fort Lauderdale and taking in Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico over an 8-day cruise.

While on the cruise you’ll listen to the inspiring speakers we have lined up for you who come armed with serious wealth-building experience.

We’ve just confirmed Xixi Yang as our host for the event! Xixi is a popular entertainment TV presenter and Executive Producer who regularly appears on CNN/HLN and E!

Check out the video below and find out all about the event by clicking here!

Xo, Spreadlove

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