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Last week in part 1 of this post on self-confidence we discussed how the following can have a positive impact on your self confidence.

  • Ignoring the negative little voice in your head
  • Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate your achievements

In this post we’re taking a look at a couple more great ideas for stimulating that warm glow of self-confidence that allow your to walk into any room with rock-star swagger.

Change it Up

If you feel like your self-confidence is being sucked dry by the monotony of routine why not seek out a little change. Or a lot of change, depending on how much you can handle.

A lot of people find that breaking out and doing something new gives them a new perspective and fresh impetus and with that comes an injection of self-belief.  You don’t have to change career or move to another country, you can start out with baby steps. Depending on what you’re comfortable with the following might sound obvious and lame, or it might sound like a mammoth undertaking.


  • Taking classes in something you haven’t tried before – tap dancing looks fun!
  • Learn a new language – and book tickets for that country!
  • Learn to cook all the dishes from a single cookbook – then invite us over for dinner!
  • Learning a new skill and being able to deploy it well gives us an immense feeling of accomplishment and a great boost of self-confidence.

The Great Outdoors (or Indoors, if you prefer the gym)

Let’s not forget good old Mother Nature. There’s nothing like getting some fresh air into your lungs and getting the oxygen into your muscles to feel rejuvenated. We’re not talking about scaling mountains or running marathons. Taking the time regularly to go hiking can have an amazing effect on your outlook.

If you can’t get to the country you can always hit the treadmill at your gym. The air won’t be quite as fresh but the effect, and end result, will be the same. It’s all about feeling good and physical activity is a great way to feel like you have accomplished something.

With many of us spending our days chained to our desks at the office it is more important than ever that we have time to reconnect with our physical abilities. After all our physical capabilities have been a big part of what has made us successful as a species so it kind of makes sense that it continues to play a part in boosting our self-confidence.

OMG, sports actually make sense to me now!


What do you think of the ideas here? Perhaps you have some tips for enhancing your self-confidence. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Xo, Spreadlove™

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