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The past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing low libido issues pertaining to women. In part 1 of this series we discussed what we actually mean when we say libido. Part 2 saw us examine the impact of stress as one of the biggest factors upon the female libido. In this post we are taking a look at some of the other factors that can lead to a low libido and rounding them up for you.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a low libido you may recognize some of the factors below.

Psychological Issues

We mentioned stress in its own post last week as it is one of the biggest factors. Of course there are others that we need to mention.

Feelings resulting from anxiety or depression can lead to a loss of sex drive. It’s also unsurprising that job worries or money troubles can lead us to feel that we are “just not in the mood”.

Low self-confidence arising from body image issues can also be a factor. See our blog posts here and here to read our discussions on boosting your self-confidence.

If there is some history of bad sexual experiences it is perfectly reasonable for this to also have an impact on things in the bedroom.

Emotional Issues

If low sex drive is an issue in the bedroom they could also come from emotional issues that stem from your relationship.

Changes in life can lead you to feel you are on a different wavelength to that of your partner. When this happens it is only natural to want to refrain from sexual intimacy until you begin to feel like things are back on track.

Trouble in your relationship can make intimacy with your partner feel uncomfortable and even staged. Sex should feel natural and easy.

Physical Issues

Medical problems can lead to a low libido. Nobody wants to have sex when they feel that they’re in pain from, say, arthritis. Or if they’re recovering from some medical treatment.

Don’t forget that some medication that you are on could have an effect on your appetite for sex. If in doubt it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before making any changes to your meds. Some anti-depressants can have a great impact on your sex drive.

This may sound trite but habits such as smoking and excessive drinking can also bring your libido down. For the sake of your sex life, but also for the sake of your health, you need to cut back on the smoking and drinking if you are doing it to excess.

Ultimately just being tired can be a huge drain on your energy and appetite for sex. Get some early nights and actually sleep instead of reading the news on your tablet.

Hormonal Issues

Those pesky hormones take the blame for a lot of the stuff we do, say and feel. Unfortunately they can also be the root cause for a loss of sexual appetite.

  1. Hormones can be affected both during and after pregnancy.
  2. Menopause is one of the major triggers for hormonal changes that can lead to a low libido.
  3. There may be hormonal disorders that are affecting your appetite for sex and ability to achieve orgasm.

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Do you think there are any other issues that we have left out? Be sure to connect with us and leave your thoughts in our comments below.

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