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Yes, it’s Lips Appreciation day this March 16th. What? You never heard of Lips Appreciation Day? Where have you been and, no, it’s not something we just made up.

Lips Appreciation Day allows us all a moment to sit back and ponder those soft pink cushions that frame the mouth. All different shapes, sizes and tones that are so appealing that we want to leave work early and rush home to light some candles, put on some soft music and wait for the other half to get home and climb the stairs to the bedroom. Right?

Why are lips so visually appealing?

Not only are they one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for us but they can also be one of the biggest turn-ons about another person. For a lot of people lips are what they find sexiest about a partner. The feel of another person’s lips on our lips, or elsewhere, is a great temptation and something we all look forward to, but why are they so important to us?

Lip Biting

A common view on why lips are so important to us is that they frame and bring more attention to the mouth which, according to some, is what we are all really interested in. This is the same argument for lip-biting which some also find a huge turn on. It is something of a cliche that a lot of men find a woman biting her lip very sexy, but it is a cliche for a reason: it happens to be true.

Most people believe that this brings more attention to the mouth and instantly gets us interested in the idea of leaning forwards for a big smooch. A lot of people bite their lips without even realizing it – you might be a secret lip-biter and driving others crazy without even knowing it!

Sensitivity = Better Sex

Another theory about lip biting is that it serves as a prelude to what might come next… tongues, teeth, biting… they all play very important parts in foreplay and other sexual activities.

Lips are super-sensitive, which instinctively encourages us to use them liberally during sex and for sexual stimulation. In fact, your lips are even more sensitive than you fingertips. An amazing fact about lips is that they are the only part of our bodies that reaches in and stretches outside of the body.  They contain over one million nerve endings which, without any kind of protective layer, are entirely exposed to the elements… something to keep in mind for better sex

That’s why we end up with dry, chapped lips in winter… on the other hand that means you can add lip gloss to enhance the tone and make them more kissable, right?


That pretty, pink tone of our lips is provided by the blood vessels that lay beneath the surface of the mucus membrane. All other areas of our bodies have roughly 16 layers whereas the lips only have 3-6 layers.

Those busy blood vessels underneath give us that pinkish hue that we all find so attractive and strive to maintain, or embellish, with lipsticks and lip-gloss.


Despite the other attractive attributes of a woman’s face the lips are one of the first things that a man will notice. This isn’t a conscious thing, a man’s attention is just naturally drawn there.

Some cultures insist that a woman’s mouth should be covered in the belief that it is another sexual organ that should not be shown in public.

Scientists are very keen on the idea that lips put one in mind of the shape and color of a vagina, but is it as simple as that? What do you think?

What is clear, however, is that lips contain a potent combination of sensitivity, texture and a pleasing hue. This means that they are very much part of each individual’s awesome arsenal when it comes to attracting another person.

What do you think?

Do you think there is any truth in attraction to lips due to its resemblance to the vagina?

How about the tone? Do you like colours other than the typical red and pink? What do you think is the reason for your attraction to more unusual lip colours?

Are you a lip-biter? Do you do it deliberately to attract another person or do you do it for other reasons?

Do you think paying more attention to the lips can result to better sex?

Any other thoughts you have on lips? Please share them with us.

Mwah, Spreadlove™

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