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It’s often in the aftermath of a tragedy where the world can show its greatest humanity.

October 1, 2017 was a tragedy. A terrible, horrific, jaw-dropping tragedy. One that will go down in history as the largest mass shooting in the modern history of the United States. Fifty-nine people who just wanted to spend their weekend at an outdoor country concert are dead. Five hundred more are injured and hospitalized and in varying levels of condition. The remaining concert-goers from the crowd of 22,000 who escaped with their lives will forever remember the deafening gun shots as an automatic weapon sprayed bullets from thirty stories above.

It was a massacre. It was an act of terrorism. It was something that should have been absolutely unimaginable in present day America, and the country has been in mourning since.

People flee as the shooting occurred. Source: David Becker/Getty Images

However, in the face of this horrific tragedy, many Americans have demonstrated great courage, strength, and compassion. People came out by the thousands to donate

blood to help the injured victims, literally offering part of themselves in response to the shooting.

Las Vegas residents, tourists, and visiting businesspeople alike started lining up at blood donation centers starting at 2:00 am, only hours after the 10:00 pm shooting. As people woke up and learned of the horrific news, the lines began to spill out the doors and into the streets. Soon people were waiting in line for hours to donate.

In the wake of mass catastrophes blood banks become depleted and the need for donations rises significantly. Donors from around the world waited to give a life-saving gift, straight from the heart, reminiscent of the massive outpouring of donors following the Orlando nightclub shooting. Sunday’s events were unspeakably terrible, but if one thing can even attempt to restore faith in the world’s humanity, it is the solidarity and compassion stretching through each donor line and pulsing through each donor’s veins.

Hundred of people line up to give blood in Las Vegas. Source: New York Times

Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Times such as these are trying to the morale of the country and to each individual citizen. We must remember the humanity in each of us, and hope that each act of kindness helps to counteract the cruelty and tragedy in the world.

The citizens and visitors to Las Vegas came together and took action. In these challenging times, amidst the outrage, the sorrow, the confusion, what can you do to help SpreadLove? Let us know in the comments below.

Xoxo, SpreadLoveTM

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