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At Spreadlove™ we keep a beady eye on the new president’s activities and it hasn’t taken long for President Donald Trump to turn his attention to reversing one of former President Obama’s signature initiatives. Trump had claimed, during his election campaign, that he would use his power as president to revoke the guidelines and it looks as though he is making good on that promise.

Obama’s transgender guidelines found both controversy and acclaim in equal measure last May when his administration issued guidelines to schools instructing them to allow transgender pupils to use the bathroom of their choice.

It is worth mentioning that a federal judge had already blocked the guidelines asserting that states, and public schools, should be able to enforce their own guidelines without interference from federal authorities.

The transgender community had once believed they were making progress in their fight to have issues important to their cause recognized by the wider society. However it now faces a fresh battle which is sure to reach the highest courts in the land before it is settled.

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