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Spring is upon us and we have been paying attention to the latest fashion and trends to have come out for this year. Why not? We’re not just about the wealth building and the LGBTQ issues. We also wear clothes and like to look good!

Now that the cold weather is finally ebbing away our thoughts are turning towards warmer temperatures and sunnier times. It’s a time for emerging from winter with a new look and a new outlook so we’re going to take a look at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 shows to spot what is trending.

Spring is in the air and it is time for us to emerge looking happier, stronger and wearing clothes that put show our self-confidence in the way we stride. The clothes we wear can have an impact on how we feel. Reinvention is part of the human experience and, for most of us, clothes are the one of the easiest ways we can achieve this. With that in mind let’s take a look through the emerging trends that are going to be the season’s must-haves.



With a full spectrum of buoyant colors and interesting textures stripes are in this spring and are making a bold statement. If you want to make a big entrance these stripes are the way to get yourself noticed.


Floral designs may not be the most innovative thing but they are design classics for a reason: they still appeal. In fact so much is the appeal is that floral patterns are being used on garments other than dresses. Jumpsuits and voluminous sleeves are just a couple of items being given the floral treatment this season. Might not sound too appealing but the patterns look fresh and will give you a strong look this season. Look out for them!

Bra Tops

Some of us have the confidence to take on a new look without a moment’s hesitation. Sometimes a new look is the thing we need to give us the confidence to do other things. Each season there is at least one type of garment that fits both of these situations. This season the bra tops is that garment. Essentially the bra-top is derived from the crop-top and can be paired with pretty much anything that takes your fancy: skirts, jeans, shorts whatever.

Blues in Bloom

Blues in bloom

Blue is the in-thing this spring and serves as an excellent bridge for those of us moving from the traditional autumn/winter colors to the brighter shades of summer. As far as the New York Fashion Shows are concerned every shade of blue seems to be open for business. So shrug off the winter colors and embrace blue this spring for an amazing change.

Do you think the clothes we wear have a direct impact on our attitudes and outlook?

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