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As you’re probably already aware if you’re reading this, March 8th is International Women’s Day. This day dedicated to women everywhere has been observed since the early 1900’s and continues to be observed each year. The day recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women around the world in political, business and social fields. It also brings greater attention to gender disparity/equality and stimulates the discussion about what can be done to tackle the ongoing problems that women can still face.

International Women’s Day is not associated with any particular political or social group/community. Instead it is a day for anyone to make an extra effort to highlight their interest in women’s issues.

Even Google gets involved by presenting a new Google Doodle each 8th March to mark the day. You can see it here.

Elsewhere the world celebrates the day with marches, rallies, talks and performances. London is marking the day with a Women of the World Festival that will feature concerts, talks and exhibitions until 12th March. In the U.S. a march has been organized in Washington by Women’s March on Washington. This is the same organization that arranged the march held earlier this year in January.

While International Women’s Day is always a good reminder to the wider world that professional, economic and social imbalance still pervades, it is important that attention is not only drawn to these issues on one day each year. That is why Spreadlove™ will deliver regular news and information on women’s issues and wealth building.

How are you marking International Women’s Day?

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