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Ok, so this may be something you will not have had need to consider before. The pros and cons of female self-love. As you may be aware, if you keep up with the latest Spreadlove™ posts, we’re keen to raise discussion about issues and topics that we think can lead to a healthier and more positive outlook.

There are lots of reasons why women and men masturbate but this article is looking at the good and bad effects of female self-love. We’ll save the reasons for masturbation for another time.


First let’s look at the cons – of which there aren’t many and, those that do exist, are pretty obvious – broken down into psychological and physical.


  • There has been a lot of interest recently in how easily-accessible internet pornography has affected the minds and attitudes of young men over the last ten or so years – see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s film Don Jon. Excessive masturbation can lead some to value that over sexual intimacy with a partner. But let’s face it, for women this is not so much a problem as it may be for men. Women aren’t generally known for self-pleasuring to excess.


  • If you’re keen on inserting your fingers, or other items, you need to be careful not to hurt yourself. Make sure your nails are carefully filed so you don’t do yourself any damage. If you’re using any objects, make sure they’re not too large and that the surfaces aren’t too rough. Self-love is supposed to be fun but it won’t be much fun if you end up hurting yourself. Take care!
  • Again, if you’re inserting any objects, make sure that they are appropriately sized. Too big can be painful but going too small can be a worry too. You don’t want to lose track of anything!

That’s it for the cons. Like we said, there really aren’t that many. Let’s get on to the pros!


Again, these can be broken down into physical and psychological and are great reasons for you to explore yourself and seek out some self-love.


  • Self-love regularly to help relieve symptoms from urinary tract infections (unfortunately masturbation alone will not cure this so you should probably see see your physician to be safe) and also prevent cervical infections.
  • Regular orgasms help you to increase the strength of your pelvic floor. Win win!


  • On the psychological front it seems that regular masturbation means you generally just feel good! Regular self-love and orgasms help to relieve your insomnia and stress levels meaning better moods in your everyday life.
  • Regular self-love regularly can lead women to feel more self-confident and secure as sexual beings in touch with their desires and needs. They also feel more generally positive about themselves.
  • As we’ve covered before, in a previous article, self-love means you’re able to learn more about your own body and discover what where and how you enjoy being stimulated. Armed with your new knowledge you can give your partner some helpful hints…
  • And, yes, self-love can result in a stronger sexual relationship with our partners.

With all these great reasons why you should be getting intimate with yourself there really isn’t any question of whether self-love is a good idea or not.

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How do your self-love habits affect your well-being and outlook?

Let us know your thoughts in our comments and, if you’ve enjoyed this article, please be sure to forward it to a friend!

Xo, Spreadlove™

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