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SpreadLove™ is thrilled to have Wana Miri, founder of WomenOnTopp as a Featured Speaker on our 2017 Wealth Building Conference At Sea.  Our very own Esther Jeanbart, founder of SpreadLove™, recently spoke with WomenOnTopp to offer some of her valuable entrepreneurial insight. Read her in-depth interview below which you can also read at

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‘’Surround yourself with people within the industry of Entrepreneurship. They speak the same language. They won’t look at you weird. They won’t discourage you. They will support and encourage you!’’ says Esther JeanBart who has been an entrepreneur for 15 years and recently built a new brand called ‘’SpreadLove™’’. 

SpreadLove™ promotes and sponsors products, services, and events designed to foster wealth-building, financial literacy, healthy relationships, and positive self-image. SpreadLove™ a platform for women to discuss, and highlight products, ideas, and content that women care to share, and care to know on a daily basis. 

Esther JeanBart has an entrepreneurial spirit and proven results, you and I have a lot to learn from her and she will be sharing some things with us in this interview.

Esther, thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to interview you we know you are a busy woman right now. We heard a lot about SpreadLove™, especially about the SpreadLove™ Wealth Building Conference At Sea. But now It’s time to talk about you! Here are questions we would like to ask you, to get to know you better and to give our readers a taste of your 15 years of entrepreneurship.

1.    Can you tell our readers about yourself? 

To know me is to LOVE me. Nothing more. Nothing less. Real as they come. Down to earth, strong yet soft. Assertive yet calm. Comedian and lush at heart. I am addicted to the word and meaning of LOVE.

2.    How did you get into entrepreneurship, have you always been entrepreneurial? 

I’ve been an Entrepreneur (Sales & Marketing) for 15 years now. While working Corporate America, a co-worker/friend suggested I should get into sales. His reasoning… I have a big mouth. I didn’t get it until I took his advice and gave this a shot. I’ve concluded; it isn’t a big mouth… more so a HUGE personality!

3.    What inspired you to start SpreadLove™? 

When starting a business, of course, one of your main motives is capital and becoming successful. SpreadLove™ was connected to Network Marketing. I tried it didn’t like it and tried to create my own brand tied to the average Network Marketing. However, it didn’t take me long to realize this isn’t about sales and Network Marketing, more so a message and purpose in which I would tie and connect Networking to. If you’re lucky enough to have a vision, be thankful. Humble yourself and work, plan accordingly to execute this vision. For this is the absolute beauty of it. To simply create, build and watch it grow. The purpose and message behind it is what makes it breath taking!  

4.    What made you choose this type of business? 

I am honestly an introvert. I love my peace of mind. I absolutely love my space. My own space.  I am obsessed and cry while watching Lifetime. However, people gravitate to me as I do to them. I guess I’m special… LOL. No specific name just special. I didn’t choose this business; it chose me and won’t leave me alone. I’ve tried recovery… it doesn’t help. I have an itch for meaning, purpose, legacy, and love! 

5.    Also, how did you come up with the love pills? 

I wish I could say I came up with the love pill. I cannot and will not lie nor take credit for this amazing product (sigh)… Sooo the love pill is from an amazing Network Marketing company I was introduced to. It was different, it was organic, it was real and unique. Dare to talk about sex.. Yes, sex! LOL being a woman, you may remain classy and have the discussion of Low Libido, PH balances being off, etc. Having had the experience countless times of low libido, why not converse about it. We as women have ALL at some point have had issues for a bit of not being in the mood for whatever reason. And if not, tell me your secret! 

6.    When starting a business, what are the legal issues involved? 

Lord. Now, THIS!!! Is a good question. The question is now a day, what “isn’t” a legal issue. Soooo I am NOT the expert and am still in the learning and growing phase. What I do know is that with success comes failure. I’ve failed so many times it’s unbelievable. Oh, but the BEAUTY of it all is what makes it EXQUISITE. Legal issues… Doing it correctly. Don’t say you have a company or the Founder, Owner, CEO or President of anything without having a Corporation or LLC. No one will take you seriously. And to be successful, you will NEED to be respected and taken seriously. Demand one’s attention. Make sure it’s done correctly. Follow protocol. Pay attention and kind of mimic the successful corporations out there… Even if you’re a smaller scope… watch, take notes, learn then of course apply. For this is your start to potentially becoming big one day. Lastly, don’t chase the money. Accept and execute your passion. Don’t just dream your vision… work your vision! When you are addicted to your passion, money will follow! You won’t get in trouble following your passion. You’ll attract trouble quicker following capital. Again, follow your passion!

7.    What are your company goals currently? As in vision and mission (what is the problem you are looking to solve) 

I wouldn’t say that I am looking to solve any problems. More so embrace and enhance the lack of communication with us women. I don’t have to know you personally to learn from you. We don’t have to “only” *as beautiful as they are) praise the superstars. SO ARE WE!!! They are special and talented in their own way and so are we! Why not create something real without it being on TV, movies, etc. The beauty of it being right in front of you (if you want it) in which you can learn from and apply to your benefit and growth is out of this world. So, no problems just more open communication through US with US. 

8.    How did you come up with this plan? 

I’m sick I tell you… It’s in my head. And it won’t go away. Things come into my head and am addicted to creating, building and watching it grow. I need help. 

9.    What can our readers do to help SpreadLove™ achieve this plan? 

We are “All Things Women” Simple. Engage. Be real and don’t be afraid to be open with us. Cry with us, laugh with us, engage with us, learn with us, be depressed with us, have emotional breakdowns (that’s normal) with us lol. But most importantly GROW with US! Network with US. Ask questions. Discuss and learn. Apply it to your passion and freaking grow! 

10.    How would you describe your work style? 

Real and Raw. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get it. I’m on a high. A good high and nothing or no one will stop me. I am addicted to doing good. To impacting in a positive way. Continuing to learn and grow while doing so. I am not teaching you, I am going through it with you. Becoming better together. I am not winning. WE ALL are!  That’s the difference.  I am literally on a mission to Spread this LOVE! 

11.    What would be your ideal working environment? 

Laughter and Kindness. It doesn’t cost a thing. Its free and it feels good. Literally.  And if I happen to have an emotional breakdown. it’s OK, I’m a woman, don’t take it personally… My PH balance may be off. Being aware is key!  Grab some wine, smile and let’s continue to grow. Did I say grab some wine… Wine is everything!! And again, let’s continue to grow! 

12.    How do you want to improve yourself in the next year? 

My growth game is everything! Never a “dull” moment with me.  Little by little, making a difference. Impacting lives including my own. Doing things, I never thought I could do. Smiling more. Loving more and being able to aid more. I am a cornball. I am the type of person that would be deprived while helping everyone and anyone I can. With God’s Grace, HE allows me to grow daily, yearly and it’s a good feeling. Awareness is key. Alignment is Beautiful. 

13.    Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

My beautiful babies. They get on my nerves and drive me crazy! Harsh but real.  I cannot take the sarcasm. But I am totally in LOVE and in AWE of them. They are BORN leaders, not followers and am lucky and blessed. They have a way of making me blush. I repeat I don’t like them, I am totally IN LOVE and IN AWE of them. 

14.    Who has impacted you most in what you do and how? 

God first and foremost. I am God fearing and was blessed to be raised in church. My Sexy Daddy (Daddy’s girl) and Beautiful Mom have impacted me above and beyond.  I am afraid of disappointing them so I go HARD for them! My Babies, wanting and fighting for them to look at me the way I look at my parents. I have an annoying family (we’re pretty much a soap opera and/or lifetime movie) SERIOUSLY. But, we are special and beautiful. Unique and powerful! One special one is Ruthy my sissy. she’s my weakness. Working for her and my God Babies as well, we plan to grow old together and sip wine all day and night with our own personal rocking chairs. That’s my heart, side-kick, sissy, my best friend.

15.    What do you do in your spare time? 

Quiet time. I am happy eating on my bed, doors closed and a whole day of a life time. I’m simple and I’ve learned spending time with yourself heals and grows you. You become a better you. In these moments, you find self. 

16.    What does your and SpreadLove™’s Mondays look like?

 Headache, Coffee, Wine and my desktop. Did I say Coffee and some more wine? I lose the most calories on Mondays.  

17.    If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Listen to your inner voice. Follow that. Fight the hesitation and just go for it. Being mentally FREE is EVERYTHING. Complacency is your biggest threat. Write your ideas down. Create a plan of action and execute it. Surround yourself with people within the industry of Entrepreneurship. They speak the same language. They won’t look at you weird. They won’t discourage you. They will support and encourage you! Lastly, realizing that “Ambition is the first step to Success. The second step is Action.” It’s GOLDEN. Find it and RUN with it! Not any kind of run… A “Forest Gump” kind of run! Run Forest Run!! 

18.    Last question, Is there anything you would have wanted to do differently? 

No way.  I am grateful, blessed and humble. God have and continues to bless me daily. I am so thankful for my past failures. They are my closed wounds and have become my beautiful scars. I wear them well and am forever thankful.  For without them I am not ME.

Esther, thank you one more time for taking your time to answer this interview, it was such pleasure to learn more about you!

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