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At Spreadlove™ we love to keep an eye on the international and national days that we know are important to you. If you missed it, check out our post on International Lips Day and  International Women’s Day. If you didn’t know it already, Thursday May 25th is National Wine Day. Most of us love our wine and look forward to the way it tastes, the way it feels on our tongue, the way we know it will make us feel. Ok, this may make us sound like we enjoy our wine a little too much but, trust us, we have the situation under control. 

Why do women love wine?

Do women love wine as much as we think or is it an idea imposed on us by popular media? Popular TV shows, such as Sex and the City, Scandal and The Good Wife, show us ladies settling down at the end of a hard day to enjoy a long-stemmed wine glass containing their favourite tipple. But do these shows represent reality or does it just look good on TV?

There are lots of supposed health benefits to drinking wine. Improved memory, reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer number amongst them. Research suggests that, for a lot of women, the attraction of wine lies in the calming effect it can have. This appears to make it the ideal drink to relax with after a stressful day.

Significance of National Wine Day

Wine Day is different to Drink Wine Day which is in February. Drink Wine Day celebrates the act of drinking wine whereas Wine Day celebrates the drink itself – and there is a lot to celebrate! You may be a wine connoisseur or you may be content to stick to your favourite variety without trying anything new. Think of all the different regions and all the different varieties that they produce. All of those contribute to making wine one of the most consumed beverages in the world today.

With an amazingly rich history the evolution of wine has not festered. Instead grape growers and wine producers continue to explore the seemingly endless possibilities. As wine lovers we remain in awe of them and cheerily trumpet their efforts from the sidelines. Why not do the same? Celebrate National Wine Day by trying a new variety. Maybe curl up with a great film featuring wine as one of the main characters? We recommend Sideways with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church. Also see Bottle Shock with the late great Alan Rickman and co-starring Bill Pullman, Chris Pine and Mila Kunis.

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